Farm to Table

At the Happy Planet Creamery, we want to be perfectly transparent. You should know exactly where your milk comes from. And be guaranteed the highest ethics in our farming and animal welfare.
Our organic milk comes exclusively from 2 organic family farms in BC. Creekside Dairy Farm in Agassiz and Branmaid Farm in Abbotsford. Our partner farmers, Julaine and Johannes Treur, and Wayne Brandsema hold themselves to exceptionally high farming standards and provide the best quality care for both their cows and their land.

Our farmers are part of a movement in their community who believe in leaving this planet better than they found it. Dairy farms have always been part of their lives. They are innovative, creative, community-minded farmers highly committed to superior milk quality, animal welfare and sustainability.


The organic grass-fed milk from our farmer partners is transported, stored, and processed separately from all other milk in the BC Milk Pool. This means that our milk can be traced directly back to our farmers’ cows so you know exactly where your milk is coming from.

Traceable from farm to table

Organic, because we care

Nutritious and naturally tasty, from heritage breeds


Fifth generation dairy farmers. Creekside Dairy is a 90 Brown Swiss cows farm in Agassiz, BC. MORE>


Our Organic and Grass Fed milks are fresh and local. I want consumers to know where their milk come from, from our farm where we care for animals and the land. MORE>