Fifth generation dairy farmers. Creekside Dairy is a 90 Brown Swiss cows farm in Agassiz, BC.

Johannes is a 5th generation dairy farmer. The Treurs’ passion for farming can be traced back to the early 1800’s in the Netherlands. Johannes and Julaine have 4 children, age 1 to 9. They farm with the future generations of their family in mind.

“Farming is in our blood, and in our children’s blood; the best lifestyle anyone could wish.”

The Treurs and their children are not afraid of hard work, as it comes with even greater rewards. They say they are privileged to spend their day with amazing animals, in the scenic countryside, while providing consumers with a healthy and nutritious product.


"We are extremely passionate about dairy farming. We love our cows and make it our life’s purpose to ensure that our “girls” are happy, healthy, and generally well-cared for."

Johannes & Julaine Treur

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Our Organic and Grass Fed milks are fresh and local. I want consumers to know where their milk come from, from our farm where we care for animals and the land. MORE>