Protecting the planet

By choosing Happy Planet Creamery dairy products, you’re eating delicious and nutritious food, minimizing your exposure to GMOs and pesticides, and you’re reducing the carbon footprint!


Organic agriculture is not only about avoiding the use of agri-chemicals but is an active labour-intensive process focused on nurturing healthy soil, plants and animals.

Our farmers use cover crops (such as nitrogen-fixing alfalfa), quality compost and crop and pasture rotation to nourish and regenerate the soil.

They use natural, energy efficient animal and plant manures to fertilize and build the soil – conventional farmers use chemical fertilizers that are energy-intensive and produced using large amounts of natural gas and coal.

Our organic dairy farming uses much less energy, releases a lower amount of Greenhouse Gas into the atmosphere and stores more carbon in the soil than conventional agriculture.

Grazing cows naturally fertilize pastures with their manure, trampling and working it into soil with other decaying organic matter, turning it into rich humus. Healthy soil grows healthy pasture grasses that nourish healthy animals! The roots of the perennial grasses in turn, help keep the soil healthy by retaining water and microbes and healthy soil keeps carbon dioxide in the ground and out of the atmosphere.


Our milk bottle and its cap are recyclable. It is made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalatae) – the most recyclable plastic in the world. Most PET is recycled into high value textiles used for fleece sweatshirts, non–allergenic fillings for pillows and sleeping bags; and they can also be recycled back into bottles.



Traceable from farm to table

Organic, because we care

Nutritious and naturally tasty, from heritage breeds


Fifth generation dairy farmers. Creekside Dairy is a 90 Brown Swiss cows farm in Agassiz, BC. MORE>


Our Organic and Grass Fed milks are fresh and local. I want consumers to know where their milk come from, from our farm where we care for animals and the land. MORE>